Saturday, 9 August 2014

What 'Peace Process'?

Inconvenient facts for Netanyahu's apologists:
1. It was the Israelis who refused to negotiate with a unity coalition of Fatah and Hamas which was formed on the premise of recognition for Israel and a renunciation of violence. All in the pursuit of a Palestinian state.
2. Netanyahu has stated his opposition to the existence of a Palestinian state. He clarified that the occupation is permanent on July 13. Check out the Times of Israel piece by David Horovitz for more detail.
3. Hamas hadn't fired any rockets at Israel for 19 months, as part of ha ceasefire agreement, until the IDF killed five people in raids and detained 400 Palestinians. The rockets hit no one mainly because they are updated firecrackers, though the Israelis prefer to give Iron Dome the credit.
4. The UN told the Israelis of the locations of the schools (which they then went on to attack) almost 20 times. The hope was that the IDF would avoid the schools.
5. Netanyahu has long been committed to shifting the discourse in Israel further rightwards. This is so embodied by his alliance with Avigdor Lieberman, a man who would be described as a fascist if he were not Jewish.

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